About Deep RiverRock

Deep RiverRock was introduced to the market in 1994, and for the past three decades we’ve made it our mission to provide a better hydration experience for people all over the island of Ireland.

From deep in the heart of our land to the hands of people across the country, every bottle of our high-quality water flows with a character that is uniquely Irish. And because it’s all natural, it’s also naturally rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium.

We’re proud of our products, but we’ve never been content to just go with the flow. Over the past 25 years, we’ve evolved to reflect our customers’ changing needs. Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your taste, our range is designed to offer you the ideal option for every hydration occasion.

Deep RiverRock Still and Sparkling are available in sizes ranging from an on-the-go 330ml pack to 500ml, 750ml and 2 litre bottles. We also offer a selection of completely sugar-free flavoured waters, and our R&R range, infused with minerals and herbal extracts like zinc, lavender and mint, helps you Revive & Relax when you need it most.


Deep RiverRock is proud to be Irish, just like the partners we sponsor who also Thirst For Better.

We are the proud sponsor of the four rugby provinces - Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Ulster - and also support the Belfast City Marathon, Belfast City Half-Marathon, the Irish Independent Fit Series and also Queen’s University 5K. As for other events which Thirst for Better…. We support them too, donating to a number of community initiatives throughout the year, encouraging more people to live the best life they can live.

Thirst For Better

We’re all fuelled by a thirst. A thirst to live the best life we can live. But sometimes, we need help to unlock that better version of ourselves. At Deep RiverRock, we want to empower people across the island of Ireland to live their life to its fullest, in a way that enriches the world for all of us.

Thirst For Better is a way of thinking about the world that celebrates and supports the passion that powers our communities. Whether you’re flying high or digging deeper, planting seeds or sowing inspiration, building bonds or tearing down walls. We’re always here to help you do it and strive for a life less ordinary. Because we can only Thirst For Better, together.

In 2018, we set out on a journey to empower people across the country, by finding a new way to support inspirational groups around the island of Ireland. Since then, every drop of water we’ve produced has helped to celebrate the unsung heroes that that strive every day to make their own lives and the lives of those around them better.

Each community group that registers with us has the opportunity to set up a dedicated promotional page on the Deep RiverRock website to share stories, pictures, blogs and videos to highlight their local passions, and explain why they need a little extra funding.

Consumers are asked to ‘Buy, Scan, and Donate’ their 10c to their group of choice, by redeeming a unique code at the back of each Deep RiverRock label and donating via www.deepriverrock.ie/thirstforbetter.

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