Where did the #ThirstForBetter idea come from?

When people stay hydrated, they feel better...and when people feel at their best, they take the time to come together and do the things they love. It’s this sense of togetherness that we see in community groups all over the country that has inspired us, and we want to help them to pursue their passions and #ThirstForBetter

How can Community Groups across Ireland benefit from #ThirstForBetter ?

The new #ThirstForBetter bottles include a unique code on the reverse of the label. These unique codes can be entered into the website or Facebook Messenger and redeemed for real money. The money can then be donated to a Community Group of your choice. These donations will help fund and support Community Group projects all over the country, keeping them going and growing!

So why should I get involved?

Maybe there’s a community group that’s close to your heart, or maybe you just like the idea of helping local groups continue to grow. Either way, you can get involved and help people pursue their passions while having some fun along the way!

Watch as your chosen group’s ‘donation bottle’ percentage grows in real-time and track how many donations you and your friends have made!

Yes, I would love to support my local Community Group!

Great! Why not take a look and find a group to donate to? Or alternatively, you can let other groups know how to register by linking them here.

Make sure to share with your friends and help community groups across the country continue to #ThirstForBetter!