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You can ‘Buy, Scan, and Donate’ your 10c to a group of your choice, by redeeming a unique code at the back of each Deep RiverRock label. To donate just visit www.deepriverrock.ie/thirstforbetter and chose your favourite community group.

Don’t forget, if you are logging on to the website in the Republic of Ireland, you will only see groups in this region. Likewise, if you are located in Northern Ireland you will only be able to see and donate to those in the North.

The chatbot can be used to donate to groups in either ROI or NI.

An individual can donate up to 50 codes per day. If you have more than 50 codes to donate, please contact us here, and we’ll help you out. – thirstforbetter@deepriverrock.ie

Sorry, this code is invalid or has already been redeemed.

How it works


Help those communities with a thirst to live the best life they can. Simply purchase a bottle of Deep RiverRock, enter the code on the reverse of the label, and choose a community group you’d like to donate to. Deep River Rock will be helping you make a donation with every bottle, so get collecting. You can enter your code through this website, or if you’re in a rush our Deep RiverRock Facebook Chatbot.

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About the Campaign

For 2019 we will continue on our journey to empower people across the country, by finding new ways to support and celebrate inspirational groups around the island of Ireland. Every drop of water we produce helps to celebrate the unsung heroes that that strive every day to make their own lives and the lives of those around them better.

Launching in 2018, Thirst For Better has already recruited lots of groups, donators and helped communities across the island of Ireland Thirst For Better and we want to shout about what they’ve achieved.

At the end of 2018, Tidal made it their mission to raise funds for their Community Group motivating not only their members to get out there and live the best lives they can but also their local community by helping to bring a Christmas tree to their hometown of Toome.

We went along to join in on the festivities! Check out our video below Thirst For Better

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